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Liquid Glue in Pails

Liquid Glue Comes in Many Sizes

Industrial adhesives are packaged in many different size containers. Most of our water-based resin adhesives, dextrin glues, and woodworking glues are available not only in 55 gallon drums and totes, but also in five-gallon pails. The liquid glues manufactured by LD Davis are water-based, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Not only are five-gallon pails incredibly convenient to use, the glues that are available in pails are easily customizable to fit your adhesive needs.

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Dextrin Glue Galore!

Dextrin glue is liquid glue often used in the packaging industry. Think white glue in a bottle if you need a visual - although most dextrin glues are a translucent, amber color. 

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