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Are You Applying Too Much Glue?

If you're having issues with glue adhesion, your first thought may be to add more glue.  When it comes to glue, more isn't always better

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Incorporating Biodegradable Glue Into Your Packaging

As consumers become heavily focused on the importance of biodegradablilty and eco-friendliness, manufacturers need to start thinking "green" in all facets of the manufacturing process.  Today’s consumers, especially the Millennials and younger Gen Z bunch, place high importance on sustainability (Packaging Strategies). They are scouring store shelves for products that are made and packaged sustainably. 

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The Benefits of Buying Through a Hot Melt Distributor

While LD Davis Industries does not manufacture hot melt glues in-house, we distribute them for some of the largest hot melt manufacturers in the United States. Often times, prospects and customers will ask us what the benefits are of purchasing hot melt glue through a distributor instead of directly from the manufacturer. Today, we will answer that question.

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L.D. Davis Honors Their Own

Building Life-Long Bonds

L.D. Davis Industries invited back our retired COO, Norb Kroeger, retired VP of Sales, Ken Moye, and retired National Accounts Manager, Dave McCalla, to our animal glue manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC to celebrate their seventieth birthdays with their former colleagues and life-long friends from L.D. Davis. Norb, Ken, and Dave each spent over 20 years working for L.D. Davis starting in 1985 and ending in 2008. They helped L.D. Davis more than double in annual revenue during their working careers at the company.

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