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We are one piece of the puzzle when it comes to puzzle manufacturing and you guessed it, that piece is our glue.

The Glue Used for Puzzles

Standard puzzles are made with paper and chipboard. The glue is what keeps it all together.

Our gelatin glues are the perfect adhesive for puzzles. There isn’t a one-all for glue though when it comes to puzzle manufacturers. Depending on the equipment, its speeds, and the type of board and paper being used will better help us determine which protein adhesive is right for the job. It’s important for manufacturers to have an adhesive that dries clear and won’t bleed through the puzzle pieces. It’s also important to have a glue that will not warp the board. That causes a lot of issues for the end-user. Could you imagine not being able to fit the last puzzle piece in due to warping?

Puzzle Manufacturing

First, the picture of the puzzle is printed on a litho paper. Next, the printed pictures adhere to chipboard through a lamination process. These are set aside to dry before going into a die-cutter. After going through the die-cutter the puzzle pieces are boxed and ready to ship. 

Why the Increase in Puzzles

It’s no surprise COVID-19 is the root cause of the surge of puzzle sales. According to CNBC, the demanding for puzzles increased due to the stay at home order put in place earlier the year. People now have more time to enjoy building puzzles with their families.

Benefits of Puzzles

Not only do puzzles bring families and friends together to enjoy a shared activity, but they also have many other benefits.

  • Improving Short Term Memory
  • Improving Peoples’ Moods
  • Helps with Problem-Solving
  • Lower Stress Levels

 There are many more added benefits. 

Puzzle Giveaway

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Underwater Dogs Puzzle

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