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Laminating with LD Davis EcoFriendly Adhesive

Posted on September 19, 2017 by LD Davis Team

Laminating might sound like a broad term to the average person, but we know it well at LD Davis Industries. 

Our adhesives have been used in laminating applications for many decades, and our customers continue to rely on our glues to solve technical difficulties they may encounter during laminating processes.

Laminating Glues

Our protein glues, also known as animal glue or hide glue, are used in laminating applications.

An example of what our glue "cakes" look like are in the photo below (shown with scoring).Our top animal glue products for the laminating industry are:

  • SS1000CR
  • NW0084CR
  • NW0139CR
  • NW0127CR
  • NW0560CR
  • CM0265CR

Laminating generally refers to adhering a paper label to a substrate surface, and is a process seen in a variety of industries. Our animal glue products are used to laminate paper labels onto corrugated boxes, sample books, folding cartons, and hardbound cases (books), and more. 

Equipment Used with Laminating Adhesives:

• Pot Devin
• Emmeci Flat board laminator
• Crathern laminator

 Learn more about how protein glue (hide glue) is made in our plant. 

Video: Hide Glue Production in our Plant

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