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Liquid Glue News

Posted on April 19, 2012 by LD Davis Team

New Liquid Adhesive Product

L.D Davis Industries has developed a new liquid adhesive product to increase manufacturing efficiency and help with blistering issues for 3-ring binder manufacturers.

A binder customer came to us with a difficulty. They were using two different cover materials laminated to chipboard to make their binders. The two cover materials were PVC and polypropylene. Not only did they have to use two different adhesives for the different cover materials, but they were also experiencing blistering issues because the glue took too long to dry.

They set LD Davis’ adhesive lab to the task, and we worked on a solution for them.

Adhesive Research and Development


Our technical staff developed a custom liquid adhesive that helped the binder manufacturer accomplish a few things. First of all, this liquid adhesive will bind both substrates to the chipboard; it works to adhere both PVC and polypropylene covers. This will increase the manufacturing efficiency of the binder maker because they do not have to take the time to switch out adhesives during their manufacturing process.

In addition, this new liquid glue has a much quicker speed of set, which means it dries much faster than the previous liquid glue our client was using. This should help solve the blistering issues they were encountering.

While this new liquid adhesive is still in its final testing phase, we are confident that it will help solve their difficulties and make their binder manufacturing plant run more smoothly.

We are always willing to research and develop a custom adhesive for your application. 

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