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13 Mouth Watering Food Packaging Designs

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager
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Food packaging designs have really come a long way. As brands fight for the attention of the consumer, they are forced to be more creative than ever.

What makes a great food packaging design?

Of course standing out on a store shelf is important but great design does more than that. At the end of the day, a successful food packaging design will sell the product, but how?

+ It speaks to the target market

+ It is functional and practical 

+ It has simple and honest messaging

13 Mouth Water Food Packaging Designs 

A number of our proteinliquid and hot melt glue customers work within the food packaging industry. They were the inspiration for this post!

Today we wanted to focus on some amazing examples of paper and carton food packaging designs that we think really kick butt. 

Fit Buns.jpg

Fit Buns, Source: Bored Panda


Trident, Source: Behance

mcdonalds packaging.jpgMcDonald Sweden, Source: The Dieline


Pietro Gala, Source: The Fox is Black


Eroski, Source: Supper Studio

cupcake food packaging.jpg

Source: UltraLinx

popcorn shed.jpg

Popcorn Shed, Soure: The Dieline

Dylan Candy.jpgDylan's Candy Bar, Source: Design Packaging

Pizza Hut.jpg

Pizza Hut, Source: The Daily Meal

shadows_5.jpgGryadka (Russia), Source: Packaging of the World

fish-packaging-8-e1464428760782.jpgRiscos, Source: Ateriet


Mighty Nuts, Source: Trend Hunter

white bites.jpg

Pet food, yes, but too cool not to mention.

White bites, Source: Bashooka

My mouth is watering now, how about yours? Comment below and let us know your favorite food packaging design. 

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