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GLUE 101: Glue Operational Temperature

If you want to get the most out of your glue, the temperature is a topic you should pay attention to. You'd be surprised how many application and equipment issues can be resolved by simply adjusting the temperature of your glue. 

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How to Store and Dispose of Industrial Adhesives Properly

Imagine you're working with your team to do some cleaning in your facility, and you come across an old box of cake glue that you forgot existed. It's been sitting there for well over a year. You know this old stuff must be expired. Now you're wondering how to get rid of it.

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The Role of Regulations in Eco-Friendly Adhesives

Products labeled "eco-friendly," "green," or "compostable" can be found everywhere, from consumer products to industrial materials, but what qualifies companies to use any of these labels? Often, 'eco-labeling" is fraught with vague or untrue claims. Sometimes, companies seek to capitalize on consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products through marketing in a tactic called "green-washing."

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Pre-Owned/ Used Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Equipment Available for Immediate Delivery

Looking to expand your production this year? Many manufacturers seek ways to improve their rigid box production while also being economical about purchasing equipment. 

LD Davis currently has two pre-owned used machines available: the 2010 Emmeci MC-94-SB Rigid Box Line.. These machines are ready for immediate delivery.

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