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LD Davis Supports Humane Society of Union County at Casino Fundraiser Night

As we enter the season of giving, it’s important to reflect on ways we can help our local community. Recently, LD Davis provided a generous contribution to The Whiskers & Wags Casino night organized by the Humane Society of Union County (HSUC). HSUC saw an outpouring of support from various contributors, aiming to aid the society's invaluable work in rescuing and caring for animals.

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The Art of Gratitude: What We’re Thankful For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is nearing! As we head into Thanksgiving, we’re reflecting on the past year and the power of gratitude. While it might sound silly, taking the time to remember the good things that have happened to us, big and small, can have a significant impact on how we navigate daily life.

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How to Prevent Scary Issues for Bookbinders

Halloween is approaching, so that means it’s time to delve into the spookier side of bookbinding. Okay, granted, the world of adhesive may not exactly be the stuff of horror novels, but there are a few glue-related issues that can haunt bookbinders if left unchecked.

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Quality and Value: Used Rigid Box Making Equipment from Leading Brands

When it comes to manufacturing rigid boxes, the right equipment can make all the difference in quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. As an adhesive supplier, we understand the importance of having reliable, high-performance machinery. 

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