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How well do you know LD Davis Glues & Gelatins? 

Today we're going to have a little fun and spill some interesting facts you may not know about the LD Davis brand and company.

1. The LD Davis logo symbol is the most visible expression of who we are as a company. It embodies simplicity, refinement and clarity - all values we hold dear. It is the symbol that represents our talents, our skills, and our leadership.

And it is a visual metaphor for creating bonds - in products, and with our customers. 

LD Davis Logo Essence2. The LD Davis manufacturing facility location moved from Pennsylvania to Monroe, NC in 1980. The strategy behind selecting Monroe, NC was that we wanted our manufacturing plant to be as close as possible, logistically speaking, to the largest pharmaceutical netting suppliers. 

LD Davis takes pride in our effort to reduce waste and help the environment by recycling pharmaceutical netting materials for use in our glue products.

3. Our first recorded glue order came in 1928 from Adelphia Bookbinding Company located in Philadelphia, PA.  

4. The original tagline for the LD Davis glue brand was "More Popular Today Than Yesterday". Today, the LD Davis tagline is "Bonds for Life".

Stenciling product5. LD Davis Glues & Gelatins was originally called The L.D. Davis Company, named for the original founder and owner, Louis D. Davis Sr. 

6. LD Davis did not start out in the glue business. In fact, we were in a different industry altogether when Louis D. Davis Sr. opened up shop in 1926. At that time, LD Davis manufactured and sold stenciling products into the monument industry. 

7. LD Davis is the first animal glue manufacturer in the U.S. to start using recycled pharmaceutical netting in our glue formulas.

8. The "D" initial in L. D. Davis stands for Detrick. 

9. LD Davis supplies glue to the largest bible manufacturer in the U.S.

10. LD Davis was the first protein glue manufacturer in the U.S. with a website.

LD Davis 1998 Website

11. Today, LD Davis manufacturers and sells more than 130 different animal glue formulas. 

Walking down memory lane is always so much fun! 

How many of these fun facts did you know already? Comment below and let us know which was your favorite. 

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