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12 Point of Purchase Displays (POP) That Rock

Written by Maria Ceschan | Jun 6, 2017 12:43:08 PM

Point of purchase displays, commonly called POP displays, are an effective tool for in-store advertising. 

What Makes a Good POP Display?

There are various types and styles of POP displays including: posters, banners, display cartons and more. The goal of this type of display is to draw attention to a product or promotion in an effort to influence in-store buying behavior. The key to creating an effective display is to:

+ Know your audience - make sure your display is tailored perfectly to the appropriate shopper.

Think outside the box with design - if you're trying to draw the shoppers eye, make sure their eye is drawn to something that will really leave an impact. Shoppers are inundated with thousands of advertisements everyday, so this is your chance to stand out from your competitors. 

+ Keep your offers fresh - POP display advertisements work best when the promotion is a limited time offer. Shoppers will not feel the urgency of the promotion if it is the same one for too long.

Display cartons are typically made by gluing a printed and coated press sheet to corrugated board in a process called litho lamination.

Many of our customers are using dextrin and resin liquid glues for this type of application.  Learn more about our liquid glues

POP Displays that WE THINK REALLY Rock












KitKat || Source: Triad Creative Group

Coca-Cola Zero || Source: GearFuse

ZZZQuil || Source: Fixtures Close Up

Source: Catalpha

Stella Artois || Source: Pop This Pop That

Source: Creative Displays Now!

Revlon || Source: Revlon

Mentos || Source: Behance

Heinz || Source: Point Of Purchase International Network

Nivea || Source: Retail Design World

Core Power || Source: Fixtures Close Up

Pampers || Source: Behance

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