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Hide Glue FAQ's Part 2 of 2

What ingredients will I find in hide glue?

Hide glue is made up of only a few raw materials, which are all natural:

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Hide Glue FAQ's Part 1


Many potential and current customers have questions about our hide glue, so we decided to aggregate some FAQ’s and post them here.

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Fugitive Glue Dispensers

LD Davis is a distributor of fugitive glue, which is a form of hot melt glue.

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Packaging Adhesive and Higher Sustainability Standards

Companies are rethinking their sustainability initiatives to include adhesives and packaging.

In the past, adhesives were left as an afterthought when it came to packaging and sustainability, since they make up such a small percentage of the actual packaging.  Adhesives are incredibly important in packaging, not only because they hold things together, but because the choice of adhesive can determine whether a package is actually recyclable or not.  If the adhesive cannot be recycled, neither can the packaging.

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Adhesive Manufacturing Industry Risk Rating Report

According to this report, an industry risk rating is defined as “the difficulty, or otherwise, of the business operating environment.”  In other words, what problems and situations can arise while owning or operating an adhesive manufacturing business.

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Happy New Year from LD Davis!

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously broken by most, but we’ve decided to make a list of promises we know we can keep.  The proof lies in our 85 years of uninterrupted animal hide glue manufacturing in the United States.

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