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New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously broken by most, but we’ve decided to make a list of promises we know we can keep.  The proof lies in our 85 years of uninterrupted animal hide glue manufacturing in the United States.

Continue to Manufacture Quality Animal Hide Glue.

Since the move in 1980 from our original animal hide glue manufacturing plant in Bristol, PA, LD Davis has been manufacturing quality animal hide glue and liquid adhesive in our North Carolina glue manufacturing and adhesives lab facility.  This production arm of the company encompasses all manufacturing, quality control, adhesion testing and problem solving as well as order entry and raw material sourcing.

Continue to Provide Excellent Customer Service to New and Current Customers.

LD Davis outside animal hide glue sales representatives make over 3,000 on-site (in person!) visits to customers each year.  A keystone of LD Davis is our excellent reputation for customer service.  Quality adhesive products paired with knowledgeable sales representatives and a commitment to serving our customers keeps our business thriving.

Maintain the LD Davis Green Advantage

The animal hide glue and liquid adhesive that we manufacture is completely non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.  We can enable industries to make strides in sustainability by using our eco-glue for packaging, book binding, and many other applications.  We will continue the manufacture of eco-friendly animal hide glue and liquid adhesive and push industries to use these adhesives to promote sustainability in their products.

Continue to Build Life Long Bonds with our Customers, Vendors, and Employees.

Many of LD Davis’s animal hide glue customers and employees have been with the company for five, ten, even twenty years.  Solid relationships are the cornerstone of good business and we will continue to nurture these relationships for many years to come.

Constantly Make it Easier for You to Contact Us!

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