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21 Awesomely Creative Book Cover Designs

Books. We love them. Chances are if you're reading this, you do too. And the fact that millions of books are bound with our glues makes us love them even more.  

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Improved Cake Glue Scoring (Cutting)

After getting very useful feedback from our protein glue customers, we have made improvements to our cake glue scoring (cutting). 

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Back To School: Glue Edition

The bell is about to ring, and class is almost in session. Chances are you're getting your kids prepared to head back to school in the coming weeks. 

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Troubleshooting: Protein Glue Running Thin

Is your protein glue running too thin? If so, you could be running into some performance issues.

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Metallocene Hot Melts for Case and Carton Sealing

 We have spent a lot of time chatting about EVA hot melts and PUR's, but what about metallocene hot melt glues? 

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