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Protein Glue Preparation for Potdevin Equipment

We sometimes get inquiries from prospects and customers wondering how they can properly prep their protein glue for use on Potdevin equipment. If you own a Potdevin machine, we have a few helpful tips for you.

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Visiting Mom at Work [LD Davis Internship]

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid when you got the chance to go to work with one of your parents for "Take Your Child To Work" day?  On November 22, we had a special guest visit our Monroe facility that helped to bring that excitement back to life for our team. 

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Interview: Game Board and Puzzle Glue

LD Davis protein glues (animal glues) have been used for game board and puzzle manufacturing for nearly 80 years. To learn more about this unique industry and glue application, we sat down with Technical Sales Manager, Kelly Benjamin, to learn more.

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Rigid Box Training 2018

PPC (Paperboard Packaging Council) will be hosting 3 rigid box operator training sessions for 2018. 

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Mystery Uncovered: Color Variations in Protein Glue

If you have used protein glue (animal glue, hide glue) chances are you have wondered: Why is my glue a different color than my last order? In this post, we will dive into this ‘mystery’.

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Free Glue Audits & Glue Training

We spend a lot of time making recommendations and chatting about helpful tools to keep your glue run properly. While these are very useful tips and tricks, nothing is more helpful than proper training.

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