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Mechanical, chemical and suction bonds, OH MY! 

These terms are used often in the adhesive industry (or by those who use adhesives) but many times the exact definition of each is unclear. Today we're going to go over each so you have a better understand all three.

What is a mechanical bond?

Mechanical bonds are permanent. 

This type of bond cannot be easily reversed.  When we find the best possible adhesive formula for a project, this is the type of bond our glues will create between the two substrates.  This is the type of bond that creates fiber tear when we try to separate a paper wrap from of chipboard. 

When we do testing in our lab for our prospects and customers, our goal is to find an adhesive that will result in this type of bond.

ld davis glue fiber tear

What is a chemical bond?

Chemical bonds are the bonds that create glues. 

Polymer based emulsions are created by the cross-linking (bonding) of the chemicals to create long chains of what ends up becoming glue.  The atoms in the chemicals that make up glues are attracted to the atoms in the other chemicals.


What is a suction bond?

Suction bonds are like those created by fugitive glues.  They give you a bond, but not a permanent one (like the glue used to keep a credit card stuck to a mailer). 

You may also encounter a suction bond if the glue is not fully penetrating the substrate, and is only bonding the surface. With this type of bond, you will not get fiber tear when you pull the substrates apart.

suction bond

Hopefully these quick descriptions help you to have a better understand of mechanical bonds, chemical bonds and suction bonds. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our technical team. 

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