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Eco Friendly Adhesive and Earth Day

In the United States, the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. By 1990 Earth Day spread international organized by 141 nations. This day, celebrated every year on April 22 demonstrates the support for environmental protection.

Eco Friendly Protein Adhesive

At L.D. Davis we do our part every day to be eco-friendly. Our wide variety of protein-based and liquid based adhesives are all eco-friendly, completely non-toxic and recyclable. How so? Our protein adhesives are made up of a few ingredients which are all natural, they include:

• Gelatin
• Glycerin
• Water
• Epsom Salt
• Corn Sugar

Technically, our adhesive is edible so you could consume it, but we suggest not to because it would not be the most flavorful. :)

Since these ingredients are recyclable, our protein adhesive (or animal glues) are biodegradable and will begin to deteriorate only weeks after being recycled back into the natural environment. Our protein glues are packed in 10 lbs. cakes and are heated up before applied to your substrate.

Recycling Gelatin

Eco Friendly Liquid Glue

Another eco-friendly product of L.D. Davis’s is the liquid glue also known as “white glues”. They can be applied at room temperature and are packaged in drums, totes or five gallon pails for smaller quantities. So how is the liquid glue eco-friendly? First, the fact that it is applied at room temperature makes is extremely safe to handle and the various raw materials that produce the glue are eco-friendly and also recycleable.

Our liquid water-based glues are based on polymer emulsions that are modified with various raw materials to produce different kinds of liquid glues. These glues can be customized depending on tack, adhesion, open time, viscosity, and even color.

How Can You Help?

Keep on recycling at home or at the office. Take some time on April 22, 2013 to clean out your closet and donate to Purple Heart ( ), which is donation center for military veterans. Do your part to save the environment by carpooling to work or get outside and clean up your local community. Every bit you do matters and will help our environment a lot.

Most importantly make the switch to L.D. Davis’s eco-friendly adhesives and start saving the environment.

Angie Recycling

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