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Hide Glue...and Community Service, Too!

L.D. Davis prides itself not only on its quality hide glue, or protein adhesive manufacturing, but also on serving the communities in which we live and work. The company has been involved in community service for many years, most recently supporting the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure for Breast Cancer. 

On this day in History...

We have been called upon by the community in the past for help. 29 years ago today, contamination of Extra Strength Tylenol was discovered in the Chicago area. It is thought that they were being tampered with after the pills were on store shelves, resulting in the tamper-proof seals we have today. (Credit to the History Channel’s “On this Day in History” feature.)

Johnson & Johnson, the company that makes Tylenol, took no chances. They incinerated all manufactured Tylenol including bottles that were recalled from citizens and retail locations. To be certain it could not happen again, they destroyed their entire inventory in their manufacturing plant and warehouses, whether it was finished product or not. For help with destruction of empty hard capsules, they called L.D. Davis. Since we are a major hide glue manufacturer, they knew we had the equipment to grind and destroy their empty hard capsules.

How we could Help

Our old hide glue manufacturing plant in Bristol, Pennsylvania received over 18 full tractor trailer loads of empty hard capsules from Tylenol’s plant, and ground them down for 10 hours per day under the supervision of a Pinkerton guard. It took us 45 days to grind all the empty pill capsules. We were happy to make this public service our priority over hide glue production.

To be clear, LD Davis only received empty capsules at our old Bristol, PA hide glue manufacturing plant. They were never filled with medication and had not been tampered with. Johnson & Johnson took the precaution to destroy the entire inventory in their warehouses, whether they were finished product or not. They were later greatly praised for the way they handled the situation.

Today, our hide glue manufacturing plant is located in Monroe, North Carolina. We use pharmaceutical scrap gelatin as a raw material in our hide glue. Our hide glue is, and always has been, non-toxic and eco friendly. We pride ourselves not only on quality glue manufacturing but serving the communities in which we live and work.

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