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Few things are more important than proper training when it comes to running an efficient packaging plant. This includes proper glue training as well. 

Friesens, established in 1907, is an employee-owned company based in Canada. They have a number of very successful divisions within the organization, but one that they are extremely focused on growing in the coming years is their packaging division. 

Earlier this year, our team visited with Friesens Packaging to perform an on-site glue training and audit. This free audit and training included evaluation of their protein glue temperature settings, viscosity/solids, glue application rates, and equipment speeds. 

We recently checked in with the Friesens team to see how  things have been going since our visit. Their General Manager, Jody, had this to say:

It’s going very well here. Most of our staff just returned from their summer vacation, and we are now more formally implementing some procedures based on the training you provided.

+ We have put up posters at the Potdevin’s showing optimum temperatures, solid content, and glue thickness

+ We have a thermometer at the Potdevin’s so that we can check temperature regularly

+ We have the trouble-shooting guides posted

+ We are working on training our staff to consistently use less glue after many years of an “add more glue” mentality as the solution to various issues

+ The Emmeci glue pot has been thoroughly cleaned out, and we will add this as a regular task on our TPM Board (Total Preventative Maintenance)

Wow! Friesens has really gone the extra mile to make sure their team is properly trained, and running their packaging glues properly.  Simple improvements like this will not only ensure that they're getting their most out of their glue, but will be a major cost savings for your company. 

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