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You would be surprised how many equipment, and application issues could be resolved simply by adjusting the running temperature of your adhesive. A question that our lab gets very often from our customers and prospects is in regards to the best temperature to run our cake glues to ensure that their operation runs smoothly and their equipment stays clean.

Greg Brown in our Lab, goes into detail about the importance of running your cake glue at the optimal running temperature in this short video.




The images below show a close-up of Greg's demonstration. When the adhesive was below the optimal running temperature, the cake glue set before the Mayer Rod covered the substrate. This would lead to build-up on equipment, and require a lot of cleaning. When the cake glue was run at the optimal temperature, the Mayer Rod covered the substrate smoothly without any issue.  As you can see, running your cake glue at the optimal running temperature will really help to get the most out of your adhesive and production.

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