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Lab Testing Of Glue Raw Materials: Dirt Tests

Gelatin is the key raw material used in our protein cake glues (animal glue) and we receive this raw material from several different suppliers.   To ensure all gelatin meets our quality control standards, there are a number of tests performed when we receive it in our plant.  This assures the cake glues provided to our customers are consistent in quality. 

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Improved Cake Glue Scoring (Cutting)

After getting very useful feedback from our protein glue customers, we have made improvements to our cake glue scoring (cutting). 

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The History of Hide Glue

Hide glue has played a major role in the glue industry since the time of Egyptian pharaohs. Check out the history of hide glue.  

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The Pros and Cons of Animal Glue Pillow Packs

While it is not a common way to package animal cake glues in the United States, many European glue manufacturers pack and ship their cake glues in pillow packs.

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