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One major benefit of cake glues (animal glues, hide glues, protein glues) is their open time can be adjusted. This is ideal when you need to accommodate a variety of equipment run speeds, and substrate sizes. 

What variables affect the open time of cake glue? Check out our latest infographic to find out.

Cake Glue Open Time LD Davis

Many factors play a role in increasing or decreasing cake glue open times.

Each glue is formulated by our technical lab team to satisfy a variety of open times.  Depending on the gluing equipment, these formulas can have an open time ranging from 10 seconds, to as long as 4 minutes (approximately). This makes cake glues extremely versatile in a variety of industries, including: rigid setup box, case making (bookbinding), woodworking, abrasives, laminating and more.

Need help working with your cake glues? Download our free troubleshooting guide to keep in your manufacturing plant. 

Download: Free Cake Glue Troubleshooting Guide

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