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We're excited to spotlight one of our esteemed partners, ICMA, as they celebrate over 90 years of

excellence. LD Davis and ICMA represent a synergy of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship in the

world of packaging and paper finishing.


Who is ICMA?

ICMA, with a rich history spanning 90 years, stands as a beacon of Italian excellence in paper

finishing. ICMA has established itself as a dynamic force, continuously evolving through relentless

research, investments, and technological advancements.


Elevating paper finishing to an art form is not just a mission for ICMA; it's their passion. They strive

for uncompromising quality, ensuring every sheet of paper becomes a unique masterpiece. Their

commitment to Italian production, quality, and creativity sets them apart in the international market.

ICMA is not just about business; it's about upholding ethical values, promoting cultural heritage, and

ensuring dignity in work. Their commitment to sustainability, which has been passed down through

generations, underscores their dedication to a better future.


Production & Research Excellence

At the heart of ICMA lies its production and research facilities, where tradition meets innovation.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence blends modern technology with the wisdom and skill of

experienced workers.


ICMA's commitment to quality is unwavering. Every raw material undergoes stringent quality control

tests in the chemical laboratory before it reaches the market. With certifications like FSC and UNI EN

ISO 9001:2015, ICMA ensures the highest standards of production and accountability.


Exceptional Paper Products

In addition to their commitment to innovation and quality, ICMA offers a range of exceptional

products that complement LD Davis adhesives, including their renowned stay tape and premium

paper options.


Stay Tape

ICMA's stay tape is designed to streamline the operations of box factories, making them faster,

cleaner, and more efficient. This FSC-certified product boasts several features that set it apart:


  • Reduced Thickness: With a reduced thickness, ICMA's stay tape minimizes the need for

machine changes, allowing for approximately 4080 bottom and lid shoeboxes for each

quadrangular machine setup. This efficiency translates to cost savings and increased


  • High Resistance: The stay tape's high resistance makes it suitable for application on lids,

ensuring durability and reliability in packaging solutions.

  • Low-Temperature Compatibility: ICMA's stay tape can be applied at low temperatures,

contributing to energy savings while maintaining exceptional performance.


These features collectively make ICMA's stay tape a top choice for box factories seeking efficiency

without compromising quality.


Paper Products

In addition to stay tape, ICMA offers a diverse range of paper products, including FSC-certified paper,

cardboard, and cardboard options ranging from 50 gsm to 400 gsm. Their paper products are

characterized by the following:


  • Versatility: Whether virgin or 100% recycled cellulose, ICMA's paper products cater to a wide

range of needs and preferences.

  • Compatibility: ICMA also offers paper products suitable for thermoforming applications,

including plastic materials such as PS, ranging from 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm thick.

  • Sustainability: With FSC certification and options for both virgin and recycled materials,

ICMA's paper products prioritize sustainability without compromising quality or performance.


Whether you need stay tape for efficient box production or premium paper for packaging and

printing, ICMA's product offerings reflect its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation.


Partnering for Excellence

At LD Davis, we're proud to partner with ICMA to deliver superior solutions to our customers. By

combining LD Davis adhesives, including our renowned gelatin glue, with ICMA's innovative paper

finishes, we create packaging solutions that are not just functional but also works of art.


Together, we're redefining the possibilities of packaging, blending tradition with innovation and

sustainability with creativity. We look forward to continuing this journey of excellence, one adhesive

bond and finished paper at a time.


Stay tuned to the LD Davis blog for more insights, innovations, and collaborations that shape the

future of packaging and beyond.


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