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Considering making the switch to protein glue (hide glue)? This list of pros and cons will help you determine if it is the right packaging glue for you. 

Pros of using Protein Glue (Hide Glue) for Packaging

+ Wide range of open/set time available to handle the fastest machines to manual hand applied applications

+ Excellent performance with wide range of paper, paper board and wood based substrates

+ Can be formulated for adhesion to some film laminations and coating

+ Non-toxic

+ Easy clean up with water

+ Biodegradable

+ Made with natural ingredients

+ Cost effective

+ Runs at lower application temperatures than standard hot melts

+ Safe for indirect food contact

Cons of using Protein Glue (Hide Glue) for Packaging

+ Poor water resistance

+ Will not adhere to very non-polar based substrates

+ Not recommended for direct food contact

+ Not recommended for freezer grade packaging

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