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LD Davis has been making eco-friendly, non-toxic, repulpable, recyclable and biodegradable adhesives long before it was fashionable to be “green.” To manufacture our glues, we use gelatin proteins (a non-consumable grade similar to those that go into food and pharmaceutical products like Jell-O and Gel-tabs), sugars (dry and syrup), epsom salt, water and glycerin. It’s likely, you’ve used or seen these raw materials in your kitchen or bathroom at home. These natural raw materials are what make our glue eco-friendly!

LD Davis recycle millions of pounds of waste gelatin from nutritional and pharmaceutical manufacturers—all products designed to be easily dissolved and digested.

Gelatin Protein-Based Adhesives

LD Davis protein-based gelatin adhesives are completely hydropulpable by nature of their composition. Our main product line is gelatin protein glue which is derived from the hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen is a protein ingredient of animal hide, tissue and bone. This is the same product used for your vitamin capsules. 

gelatin uses Gelatin can be found in a number of everyday items, especially within the food industry

Gelatin protein glue is composed of polyamides of alpha-amino acids. The solubility of protein glues in water is due in large part to the fact that five of the major constituent amino acids present in glue possess high water solubility. Protein glues are insoluble in oils, waxes, organic solvents and absolute alcohol. They may be emulsified in water-oil or oil-water systems.

The various other raw materials used to compound our glues are from the sugar, starch, polyol an salt families. All of the raw materials used to modify the adhesives are water soluble and, in most cases, are non-edible grades intended for industrial use. We also utilize edible-grade raw materials, e.g. corn syrup (glucose), sodium chloride (table salt), glycerin USP grade, etc. when required.

Gelatin protein adhesives are readily biodegradable, recyclable and repulpable.


Gelatin is a protein derived by from a parent protein, collagen. In an aqueous solution it is a hydrophilic colloid. It is almost tasteless, odorless, vitreous, brittle solid and usually faintly yellow in color. Gelatin is graded according to its strength, called its ‘bloom’. The higher the bloom numbers, the higher the grade.

Type of Eco-Friendly Glues

LD Davis carries a variety of environmentally friendly glue formulas for the packaging, printing and manufacturing industries:

  • Gelatin-based glue
  • Liquid water-based glue
  • Paper straw glue

One of the greatest benefits of using eco-friendly glue is that it supports sustainability practices and innovative thinking.

If you're looking for plastic-free, natural adhesive solutions that is our specialty. Reach out to our technical team today to learn more. 

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