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If you work with bottle labels, you know they can be a little finicky sometimes. Have you ever experienced your labels curling away from the bottles after application? 

There are few reasons this could be happening. Here are some possible causes and suggested solutions.

Possible Cause #1: Excessive amount of glue APPLIED TO THE LABEL

If too much glue is applied to the labels, you may have issues with them bonding properly.  It's best to keep the glue film thickness to the operational minimum. If you're unsure what this amount is, consult our technical team and we can provide you with our recommended glue film thickness.  

Possible Cause #2: Poor label stock

If your substrates are stiff, dry, or the wrong grain direct, you may begin to experience curling. It may be best to reach out to your substrate manufacturer for technical assistance.

Possible Cause #3: Poor compression

Make sure to adjust the compression on the equipment. Without the proper compression, the labels will not bond to the bottle properly.

If you are unable to make the necessary adjustments yourself, reach out to your equipment manufacturer for technical assistance. 

Possible Cause #4: Not enough glue tackiness

Be sure to check that you are running the glue at the recommended settings. Refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for suggested temperatures, solids, etc. 

If you are still experiencing issues with tack, you may require a different glue for this particular project. Contact our team for a glue recommendation.

Possible Cause #5: Bottles are wet 

You may be experiencing label curling if the bottles are not completely dry. Dry the bottles and begin running again. If you are still experiencing issues, contact our technical team for assistance. 

LD Davis carries hundreds of labeling glue formulas for a number of different industries. Contact our team to learn more. 

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