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When seeking a manufacturer for materials like adhesives, it’s critical to find one that provides your company with quality products, savings, and a quick turnaround. Often, the location of your facility impacts how a manufacturer can best serve you.

Many American companies tend to look overseas for cost-effective production and labor costs. Still, it often pays to keep your manufacturing based in the U.S. In light of COVID-19, many companies' supply chains have been affected, and U.S. industry leaders are searching for ways to revitalize their production. Below are some of the main advantages of manufacturing in the United States, especially when sourcing adhesive materials.

  1. Reduced Costs

    Generally, manufacturing overseas saves labor and production costs. However, the logistics involved with shipping materials, products, and machinery worldwide is becoming increasingly expensive. When companies keep their manufacturing in the U.S., they can save on delivery and shipping costs. Domestic shipping offers a wide range of transportation and flexible shipping windows. You will also cut down on miscommunications due to currency and time zone differences and language barriers.
  2. Shorter Lead Times

    Manufacturing in the U.S. also creates a faster production process. When your materials and products have less distance to get to their destination, they can be delivered to the customer quickly. This can increase sales, provide you more flexibility, and make it possible to acquire income sooner.

    Shorter lead times also translate into higher customer satisfaction. Customers expect products to be delivered at a fast pace in the digital age. Businesses who manufacture overseas often keep vast inventories to ship products quickly, and it can become costly to pay for storage space, maintain inventory, and review expired products. For that manufacturer in the U.S., it’s easier to meet customer demands without having to stockpile a large inventory, saving time and money.

  3. More Environmentally Friendly

    Not utilizing long-distance transit means saving on energy costs. Using less fuel to move your products, materials, and equipment makes your company more eco-friendly. Often, customers want to feel good about the products they buy, and shipping products across the ocean is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. By changing your manufacturing location, you can improve your company's environmental sustainability and appeal to your customers while cutting back on shipping costs.
  4. Better Quality Control

    Being geographically closer to your source of production means you can have a higher degree of control over the manufacturing process. You can better manage and set your standards and specifications. For example, we work with customers to help test substrates and glue formulation.  

    If a problem happens, you’ll be more easily able to spot it and correct it before it becomes a larger manufacturing problem, saving you time and money. By choosing to keep your manufacturing in the U.S., you can also enforce higher safety and quality control standards.

  5. Dedicated Customer Service

    Sometimes, distance can cause a disconnect. Manufacturers overseas might not be as supportive of customer inquiries. Sometimes there are also language barriers that cause miscommunication, which can cause problems and frustrations on both sides. By working with a material supplier in the United States, you get direct, dedicated customer support.

Supporting Customers During COVID-19

As an essential business in the United States, LD Davis has been working closely with U.S. manufacturers to continue providing adhesives and our expertise to keep companies running smoothly.  If you are located in North America, our adhesives are readily available for purchase. If you are outside of North America, we will do our best to assist you or point you in the right direction for your needs.

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