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L.D. Davis's History with Animal Glue-1924-1936.

Posted on September 05, 2011 by L.D. Davis Industries, Inc

Beginnings with Animal Glue

L.D. Davis Industries has been in business since 1926 after Louis D. Davis Sr. filed for patents for a product used in the stenciling industry two years prior. Raw
animal glue, also known as hide glue, protein adhesive, or cake glue because of the cake form it takes during manufacturing, was one of the main ingredients in this stenciling product. At the time, the product was called the "Lou-Vis Adjustable Protecto-Curtain Speedsheet."

Stenciling product, raw animal glue is a main ingredient  

Trials and Triumphs

L.D. Davis started as a small business inside his father's home in North Philadelphia, and has now grown to become North America's largest animal glue compounder. (Subscribe to our
YouTube channel to see how we make it!) The family-owned and operated company has a long history and has weathered the storm through the Great Depression and competitive challenges to be a successful animal glue, or cake glue, manufacturer. In fact, Louis D. Davis Sr. married his wife, Merle Ennis, on the very same day that the stock market crashed, October 29, 1929. This is yet another example of L.D. Davis's perseverance through times as tough as the 1930's in America.

L.D. Davis Louis D. Davis Sr. married his wife the day the stock market crashed

In fact, in the middle of the Great Depression, Louis D. Davis Sr. moved the business to a location outside of his father's home, to Bath and Ontario streets in Philadelphia. He kept the business growing during this difficult decade by manufacturing his own raw animal glue by rendering the hides of rabbits. Always staying ahead of the curve, the business grew during the 1930's and was moved to our original cake glue, or animal glue manufacturing plant in Bristol, PA in 1936.  

Original L.D. Davis product using raw animal glue out of Bath and Ontario streets in Philadelphia

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