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How To Use Dyne Pens To Determine Surface Energy

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

In order for your glue to perform properly, it must be able to penetrate (or "wet") your substrates. Some substrates are more difficult to penetrate than others. This is a result of varying surface energies.

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The Importance of a Good Box Wrap

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager
When it comes to making boxes, there are a few major components: board, tape, glue, and the wrap. Most of the time we, naturally, focus on the glue. Today, we are going to switch things up a little bit and talk about the importance of a good wrap.
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How To Measure Dyne Levels In Substrates

Dyne Levels play a major role in proper adhesion, and here is why:

The Dyne Level of a material is called its surface energy. When glue is applied to a substrate, its “wettability” is impacted greatly by its surface energy and that of the substrate.  

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Treatment for Difficult Substrates - Corona Treatment

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Maria Ceschan, Marketing Manager

If you work in the rigid packaging industry, you know how important it is for your glue and substrates to work seamlessly together. Most times, this is the case. But, let’s say you’re working with a new client that has a very specific package design in mind and their substrates are a lot tougher...

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