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If you are a manufacturer of bird seed molds, we have the glue for you!

Who would have thought that LD Davis protein glue (animal glue) could be used to bind bird seed molds?

Our custom protein glue formula is manufactured for the use of gluing seed to straw and wood, perfect for seed molds and feeders. It was developed to offer high tack and long open time. It has a light amber color and we manufacture this glue in cake form.

The component of this formula is eco-friendly gelatin; the glue product is our NW0436CR. Of course this is 100% safe for birds. Remember that all the protein glues we manufacture are 100% non toxic.

Interesting Facts about Bird and Feeding

+It is a known fact that feeding wild birds is a popular hobby in the United States. Just look at some of these facts.

+ According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) one third of the United States population feeds wild birds.This fascination with birds has led to a birdseed industry that dispenses over 500,000 tons of birdseed per year.

+ In the winter, birds need lots of energy to stay warm. They must eat virtually all day long to survive.


If you have any questions regarding the manufacturing of bird seed molds, reach out to us.

What is gelatin-based glue?

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