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LD Davis Animal Glue Keeps us Stuck Together!

If you read our last blog about LD Davis company meetings, you know we strive as a company to effectively collaborate to produce the best possible animal glue and provide the best possible customer service to our customers. That being said, this blog comes to you today from our animal glue, or protein adhesive, manufacturing plant in Monroe, North Carolina where we are gearing up for our company meeting to discuss how we can be the best possible animal glue supplier for our customers.

LD Davis Collaboration

Sales, Marketing, Technical Service, and Manufacturing come together in these meetings to figure out how LD Davis can continue to surpass other animal glue suppliers in the U.S. For the past eight decades, we have been North America’s premier and largest protein adhesive compounder, and we plan to continue manufacturing quality adhesives for many years to come.

LD Davis Animal Glue

Animal glue is used in a wide variety of applications, and has been a proven effective adhesive throughout history. If you need a visual to think about when protein adhesive was first used, think back to the Pharos tombs in ancient Egypt. For a more recent, yet still historical example, think back to the books that were read in the original 13 American colonies…they were all bound with animal glue!

Book Binding Glue

LD Davis is the main animal glue supplier for the book binding industry in America. Protein adhesive is particularly useful as book binding adhesive and is also eco-friendly, recyclable, and repulpable. Animal glue will quickly biodegrade once it is introduced back into the natural environment when a product containing animal glue is recycled. Due to its biodegradability, it is considered an eco-adhesive. At one of the most recent company meetings, Our VP of Sales, Stacey Kreisler, had to sweat it out with the guys in 100 degree heat over 18 holes of golf….she did this willingly provided that the next time, there would be massages and pedicures involved in place of golf. I’m on Stacey’s side and have my fingers crossed….we’ll have to see what happens after the conclusion of our meeting today!

Stay Tuned to YouTube!

During this trip to our lab I am also working on some more photos and videos for our YouTube channel…don’t forget to check it out! For more information about LD Davis animal glue, please visit our website.

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