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Industry Spotlight: Print On Demand

Print on demand has truly revolutionized the printing industry. 

Historically, single or small print jobs had many limitations and were quite costly. Now, with digital printing and efficient short run case-making equipment (like the the machines from GP2 Technologies), on demand print jobs are more popular than ever.

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Summertime and the Animal Glue is Still Sticky

Summer can be a tough time for protein (animal) glues.

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Product Spotlight: PUR Glue

So, what is PUR glue? Well, it's a hot melt glue, yes, but what makes it different? 

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Animal Glue Manufacturing Company Meeting

LD Davis Animal Glue Keeps us Stuck Together!

If you read our last blog about LD Davis company meetings, you know we strive as a company to effectively collaborate to produce the best possible animal glue and provide the best possible customer service to our customers. That being said, this blog comes to you today from our animal glue, or protein adhesive, manufacturing plant in Monroe, North Carolina where we are gearing up for our company meeting to discuss how we can be the best possible animal glue supplier for our customers.

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