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The G-2 Gluer is designed and built with the same technology and ingenuity that GP2 Technologies, Inc. is known for. Within the print-on-demand (POD) industry, this cover gluer is one of the most efficient methods of applying protein glue (animal glue) for short runs.

After years of experience working in the case-making equipment industry with Crathern, the engineers at GP2 Technologies, Inc. have designed a machine that has major improvements over market competitors. 

The G-2 Gluer is designed for the fast and accurate application of protein-based glues (animal glues). 

g2 gluerSimplicity of G-2 Gluer 

The machine, equipped with an Automatic Viscosity System, provides for greater control of the glue viscosity by automatically adding water when required. Simple operation and automatic viscosity control eliminates the requirement for extensive operator skill and experience. 

A removable glue pan allows for easy cleaning and changing of glues; an issue that many of our customers struggle with on older equipment. 

Quality of G-2 Gluer

By fine-tuning the glue coat and water content, the G-2 customer will gain much more consistent quality on their production line. Automatic viscosity control results in minimized board warp. Positive glue circulation helps to maintain glue viscosity and temperature.

Reduced Downtime with G-2 Gluer

With top quality components and reliability, the G-2 Gluer will provide many hours of uninterrupted operation. This machine virtually eliminates the downtime typically caused by manually controlling and adjusting viscosity.

With a built-in timer and quick, predictable heating, glues are ready for production when needed and clean up is quick and simple.

Reliability and Safety with G-2 Gluer

Interlocked guarding and an emergency stop are integrated into the machine for improved safety. A friction drive feature for the paper guide rolls eliminates pinch points.

The stand-alone G-2 is fitted with a PC based control system.  This intuitive software and easy-to-navigate touchscreen make for simple, accurate operation of the machine. Connectivity to the internet also provides for remote access to instructional videos and fast, accurate technical support. Need help? You can simply use the touch screen to contact a live support agent. 

LD Davis is now an official GP2 Technologies partner. For more information or pricing on this system, contact us today. 

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