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Big congratulations to our Monroe, NC animal glue manufacturing plant!

When we wrapped up the 2011 Hazard Communication Report (with no record-able incidents for the past year) we also hit a milestone of 8.5 years at LD Davis’ manufacturing plant without any lost time accidents in the workplace. Safety protocol at our animal glue manufacturing plant is key to keeping everything running smoothly. The responsibility (and congratulations) for this mostly falls with Barry Barto, our Operations Manager of 17 years. 

What are some of the risks/dangers associated with animal glue manufacturing?

"This would be a very broad list, as in most manufacturing applications. Animal glue manufacture is no different. Our compounders and packers work in close proximity to electrical equipment, heavy items, sharp tools, pinch points, forklifts, slippery floor areas and hazardous materials, and other people, which may or may not be paying attention. Also, when we pour the animal glue mixture out of the kettles into the trays to dry the glue comes out at a very high temperature, which adds a burn risk to the process. Our plant is not unlike other facilities that mix or process things and everyone has to pay attention to safety."

What are the most common injuries?

"The most common accidents in manufacturing are 'Slip/Trip and Falls' or back injuries. Slipping is one we need to watch carefully due to the nature of our animal glue materials; once they mix with water the mixture makes the area something like an ice arena. We spend a lot of time, effort and water cleaning our floors at least twice a day."

Can you tell me about the safety measures you have in place in the animal glue manufacturing plant?

"My guys in the glue manufacturing plant are my best assets. They know I do not want to take chances, which might lead to someone getting hurt. They bring maintenance items to my Supervisor and me daily so that we can keep our plant running properly and safely. We also have routines laid out for a daily and weekly check on the equipment used to produce our animal glue."

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