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LD Davis Gelatin Products as Ballistic Gel

LD Davis has been manufacturing protein gelatin-based products for many decades. These gelatin products are used in many different industries, such as packaging, book binding, and even used in birdseed molds as a base for seeds, or suet.

Military agencies and medical testing labs also use our gelatin products as ballistic gel, to simulate tissue when testing firearms, other weapons, and hypodermic/implant testing. Research has shown that our gelatin product, when used as ballistic gel, reacts comparably to tissue during firearms testing.

Uses of Ballistic Gel

Ballistic gel has been featured on television shows such as Myth Busters, when the scientists set out to prove or disprove “myths” involving any kind of weapon or other object that could come into contact with a human being.

Ballistic gel comes in granular or powder form and can be melted, then molded into different forms to serve as a better test subject for the experiment that is being executed. Our gelatin products, when sold as ballistic gel, come granular form sold in 50 lb. bags. The gelatin product is then mixed into a ballistic gel formulation and molded into whatever shape is necessary for your test.

Whatever the test, LD Davis will help you find a way to get the ballistic gel that you need. In addition, ballistic gel products from LD Davis are eco-friendly, recyclable and water soluble, which makes both cleanup and being environmentally conscious a breeze!

We have many types of gelatin products suitable for ballistic gel applications. We are also always happy to work on a custom ballistic gel formulation for you in our full-service lab, located at our manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina.

Our gelatin products are currently used in ballistic gel formulations by government agencies and military testing facilities. Read more about gelatin here.
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