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At LD Davis, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and our ability to customize our existing animal glue formulas to meet our clients’ needs.  We are also never afraid to create a new glue formula or a new custom adhesive for a new or difficult application.

The glues we manufacture, animal glue and liquid glue, are easily customizable in a multitude of ways.  While we already have over 100 different kinds of these glues, we are always happy to make changes to create a custom adhesive for our clients.

The properties we can change in animal and liquid glue to create a custom adhesive are as follows:

  • Viscosity
  • Open time
  • Tack level
  • Color
  • UV Indicator
  • Addition of adhesion promoter
  • pH

Customer Service with Custom Adhesives

The ability to create custom adhesives from our animal glue and liquid glue enables us to serve our customers at the highest level.  Our full-service adhesive lab is always ready for a new project and the opportunity to customize a current adhesive product or formulate a new one for our customers’ needs.

LD Davis Adhesive is the Standard

LD Davis Lab, Adhesive labThrough 85 years of animal glue manufacturing, LD Davis adhesives have become a staple in the bookbinding, box-making, packaging, and graphic arts industries. 

Many of our animal glue and liquid glue products are tried-and-true in these industries and our experienced technical staff can usually provide a solution on the spot for most difficulties that these clients may encounter.  If all running parameters are correct, such as viscosity, temperature and solids, our lab may then ask a client to send some samples of adhesives and substrates so we can perform adhesion testing. 

This enables us to solve difficulties either by new use instructions, a different LD Davis product, or a completely new, custom adhesive formulated specially for the customer.


Speak With Our Lab Team About Your Project

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