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Here at LD Davis Industries, we are committed to helping our customers solve their “sticky situations.”

LD Davis Sticks By Hide Glue!

We have been the standard hide glue in the rigid box making industry for many decades. However, as materials and manufacturing techniques change over the years, so must our hide glue.

Custom Hide Glues For Rigid Boxes

LD Davis adhesive scientists recently developed a new hide glue product to solve adhesion problems in the rigid box industry. Some of our rigid box customers were having problems getting the normal substrates to adhere to the chipboard. The LD Davis adhesive lab set out to solve the problem by running tests on hide glue samples, substrates and the chipboard from customers, and determined that the substrates to be glued to the chipboard had coatings on the side to which the adhesive was to be applied. L.D. Davis scientists developed a new hide glue formulation that can penetrate this coating and adhere to the chipboard as usual.

There are many different wrap materials used in rigid boxes, and we’ve got a hide glue formulation for each and every one of them. Whether it be cloth, leather, paper or something else, L.D. Davis can formulate a custom hide glue to keep things sticking.

Product Spotlight: Hide Glue


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