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This year, LD Davis celebrated its 95th anniversary. For nearly a century, we have been at the forefront of adhesive solutions, starting as a small family-owned business to becoming one of the largest glue manufacturers in North America. 

We are continuously updating our processes and have recently made significant updates to our facility and partnerships to continue providing excellent service to our customers. We look forward to helping customers with our expertise for years to come.

New Showroom and Facility Upgrades

Recently, our facility in Monroe, NC, has undergone some changes. We are revamping our production plant with a showroom to highlight equipment for rigid box manufacturing. Soon, visitors will be able to tour the LD Davis facility to better understand rigid box equipment and purchase machinery. We will be opening our showroom this fall, so check back to see when you can officially visit us.

We have also been updating our equipment in-house. Our gelatin glues have only increased in popularity over the years as the need for more eco-friendly adhesive solutions grows. As one of the oldest compounders of gelatin glue, our equipment needed an upgrade to improve our bulk handling process to meet demand.

Companies are turning to gelatin glue as it is exceptionally eco-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable. Our new higher capacity system will allow us to assist clients in meeting their sustainability goals by using a greener adhesive.

New Partnership in Packaging Equipment Industry

For decades, we have been a point of contact for medium-to-large-sized manufacturing companies in the packaging industry. Recently, we partnered with Europrogetti for the commercial development and exclusive distribution of rigid box equipment across North America. Our partnership goes hand-in-hand with our showroom that is in development. Soon, customers will be able to visit and purchase Europrogetti equipment from our facility. 

Adhesive Solutions for the Future

Our flexibility and dedication to our customers have allowed us to become one of the largest adhesive manufacturers in America. We strive to help manufacturers find the right adhesive solutions for their production needs. The changes over the past year at our facility will enable us to continue supporting our clients.

If you have any questions about our products, upcoming showroom, or equipment distributions, contact us for more information.

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