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L.D. Davis senior staff just returned home from a company planning meeting at our Monroe, NC facility, where we manufacture our glue and perfect our craft.  Telecommuting is such a large part of manufacturing and distribution companies these days, so it is refreshing to be able to spend some "face time" with the people who keep L.D. Davis glue sticky (cheesy, I know...couldn't resist!)

Glue Sales Staff

L.D. Davis has three outside sales representatives that work remotely from their own territories.  Bill McCalla, Jeff Palmiter and Mark Naglee are constantly away from home and on the road, selling our glue in different parts of the country.  While we often communicate through email and decipher southern accents over the phone, it is a rare treat to work in-person with our experienced and professional sales staff.

Glued to Golf?

(...Again...couldn't resist.)

The senior staff came together in North Carolina for some team-building and to discuss all things glue...over a game of golf in 100 degree heat.  Stacey Kreisler, our VP of Sales and Marketing, sweated it out over 18 holes with the boys while they discussed future plans, current successes, and spent some quality time together.  Little do they know what she has in store for their futures. 

The meeting was a huge success and all of L.D. Davis staff is excited about the future.  The company's mission of "building life long bonds" extends to clients, vendors, of course the glue, and to the staff.  Many L.D. Davis staff members have been working for this company for a minimum of five years- although some have been "
stuck like glue" for over a decade.

The Future of L.D. Davis Planning Meetings

One major upcoming company development is an edit to the team-building activity for the next company meeting.  Stacey Kreisler is lobbying for manicures, pedicures, and massages in place of 18 holes of golf in the hot sun.  North Carolina-based Scientist, Sal Polvere, backs her idea 100%.

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