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Troubleshooting Glue Setting Too Quickly

Protein glue setting too quickly? Frustrating. Right?

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Why Does Protein Glue Have an Expiration Date?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why our glue has an expiration date? If so, we're about to let you know why.

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How Much Protein Glue Do You Need?

Have you ever been part way through production and completely run out of protein glue (animal glue, hide glue)? Or maybe you've ordered way glue more than you needed and you had to dispose it because it expired?

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Glue 101: Glue Shelf Life

When it comes to glue, how long is too long to keep it stocked on your shelves? 

Today we'll cover the recommended shelf-life for our different products: protein glues, hot melts, and liquid water-based glues. 

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