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Glue making a bit of a mess of your bottles on your labeling line? We can help with that. 

There are few reasons glue could be smearing on your bottles. Here are some possible causes and suggested solutions.


Too much compression on your labels may be forcing glue to squeeze out onto the bottles. Make sure that the compression on your equipment is set to the recommended settings. If you are unsure how to adjust compression, contact your equipment manufacturer. 


You may find it hard to believe, but there are definitely times when we will advise you to apply less glue to your substrates (yes, even if that means you end up buying less glue).

If too much glue is applied to the labels, you may end up having issues with smearing and proper bonding.

Always be sure to keep glue film thickness to the recommended operational minimum. Your technical sales manager will make this recommendation after reviewing your application, equipment and substrates. 

Possible Cause #3: Glue Build-Up at Equipment

Your glue will only run as clean as you run your equipment. You may experience glue smearing on your bottles or labels if glue is starting to build up on the equipment. Often times this is referred to as "running dirty". 

You can easily avoid this issue by running your glue at recommended settings, and routinely cleaning your equipment and removing any access glue build-up. 

Possible Cause #4: Viscosity Too Low

Simply put, viscosity refers to the thickness of the glue formula. If the glue is too "thin" or "watery" you may run into issues with smearing. Contact your glue partner to review your application. It's possible you may require another glue with a higher viscosity for your running parameters. 

LD Davis carries hundreds of labeling glue formulas for a number of different industries. Contact our team to learn more. 

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