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Posted on December 05, 2011 by L.D. Davis Industries, Inc

Having an adhesive difficulty?  Contact our lab for help.

When a customer contacts LD Davis for help with animal glue, liquid glue, or hot melt adhesive problem, we are happy to help and find an adhesive solution for their application.  Below is an idea of the steps our customers and LD Davis go through to solve these issues.

Adhesive Troubleshooting

First, we recommend that the customer troubleshoots at their facility to make sure all the parameters for the adhesive application are set correctly.  They should check for issues with open time, tack, temperature, viscosity and running speed.  Click here for troubleshooting guides on our website and a blog about animal glue troubleshooting.

Know the kind of glue you are using and realize its tendencies.  Hot melt adhesives and animal glues are very different from one another.  Animal glue is all-natural and as such, it will react to different environmental conditions.  We can recommend changes in dilution and temperature depending on the season and even offer winter and summer formulas of some of our animal glue products.  Hot melt adhesives, on the other hand, should not react to changes in temperature and humidity.

LD Davis Can Help

If troubleshooting doesn’t help, call Sal in our lab!  Sal Polvere is our VP of Technical Service down in our lab in Monroe, North Carolina.  Sal has been with LD Davis for 27 years but has almost four decades total of experience in the adhesive industry.  He has seen so much that he can generally offer a solution to an animal glue technical issue over the phone or via email.

If it is not a technical issue, we request that customers send our adhesive lab some samples of the adhesive and/or substrates that are causing problems.  We then begin a full evaluation and adhesion testing with their samples of glue and/or substrates.  Typically after testing for a short period of time, our lab can determine from where the issue is originating and either make a recommendation for a different LD Davis product or formulate a new adhesive to solve the problem.

Our lab is here for your adhesive needs.  We will work our hardest to find an adhesive solution for any difficulty you may have.  Whether it is book binding, box making, laminating or other applications, animal glue, liquid glue, or hot melts, we are confident that we can find an existing product or formulate a custom adhesive to fit your needs.  For more information, please visit our website.

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