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Increasing raw material costs for adhesive over the past few years has been a challenge for animal glue manufacturers as well as distributors of products such as hot melt adhesives. 


LD Davis Industries is one of the major animal glue (hide glue) suppliers in North America. We also distributes hot melt adhesive products for some of the largest hot melt manufacturers in the U.S.

According to a March 2011 blog from HB Fuller, “Supply has become the watchword for adhesive raw materials.”  Animal glue manufacturers are in a tough spot, because more demand for adhesive has occurred as certain raw materials have become more limited and harder to come by.

LD Davis Raw Material Sourcing

LD Davis has been a quality animal glue manufacturer more than 90 years. 

We have long-standing and solid relationships with our raw material suppliers so we can ensure our customers get the adhesive they need, when they need it.  We are also constantly sourcing our raw materials so we can continue to provide this service to our loyal customers so they continue to use us instead of other animal glue manufacturers.  This not only keeps our manufacturing up to the level of quality we require, but having multiple sources for our raw materials helps us keep costs down for our customers.

HB Fuller Raw Material Report

The above referenced blog from HB Fuller also references a poor harvest of certain adhesive raw materials which contributed to the limited supply as demand increased.  There are many factors in addition to this one that are contributing to raw material price increases, including competition with other markets/industries for similar raw materials.

LD Davis Reacts

LD Davis strives to keep adhesive costs down during these volatile times for raw materials.  Communication with customers is a key principle.  We absorb rising costs as long as we can, and will always communicate the reason for any and all price increases we may have to pass along to customers.  LD Davis is the largest animal glue manufacturer in the United States, and we take pride in our quality adhesive and customer relations.  

Video: Hide Glue Production in our Plant

Source: HB Fuller Blog

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