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Hide Glue Manufacturer Gives Back

Hide Glue...and Community Service, Too!

L.D. Davis prides itself not only on its quality hide glue, or protein adhesive manufacturing, but also on serving the communities in which we live and work. The company has been involved in community service for many years, most recently supporting the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure for Breast Cancer. You can read our blog about this year’s 3-Day walk by clicking here.

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Champions of Animal Glue

On this Day in History...

On September 15, 1978, 33 years ago today, Muhammad Ali won the world heavyweight boxing title by defeating Leon Spinks at a match in the Louisiana Superdome. This made him the first boxer to ever win the world heavyweight boxing title three times during his career. This huge victory catapulted him into the history books, as if the rest of his career hadn’t already done so. (Thanks to the History Channel for their coverage of this event!)

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Animal Glue through the Decades 1951-Today

Shortly before L.D. Davis's 25th anniversary in 1951, the company had expanded to serve a larger part of the country and had developed its animal glue for specifications in the rigid box and bookbinding industries.

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Animal Glue Growth with L.D. Davis 1936-1951

Animal glue in the Great Depression

In its early years, L.D. Davis Industries thrived during the Great Depression. Beginning as a stenciling product company, Louis D. Davis Sr. grew the business during the 1930's by focusing more on manufacturing his own animal glue, a major component in his current stenciling product. The company did well enough to move to its third location in 1936, to our original
animal glue manufacturing plant in Bristol, PA.

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L.D. Davis's History with Animal Glue-1924-1936.

Beginnings with Animal Glue

L.D. Davis Industries has been in business since 1926 after Louis D. Davis Sr. filed for patents for a product used in the stenciling industry two years prior. Raw animal glue, also known as hide glue, protein adhesive, or cake glue because of the cake form it takes during manufacturing, was one of the main ingredients in this stenciling product. At the time, the product was called the "Lou-Vis Adjustable Protecto-Curtain Speedsheet."

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