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On this Day in History...

On September 15, 1978, 33 years ago today, Muhammad Ali won the world heavyweight boxing title by defeating Leon Spinks at a match in the Louisiana Superdome. This made him the first boxer to ever win the world heavyweight boxing title three times during his career. This huge victory catapulted him into the history books, as if the rest of his career hadn’t already done so. (Thanks to the History Channel for their coverage of this event!)

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali proved that he was a step above the competition through proven victory and intense drive to be the best. While it’s hard to make comparisons to Ali, L.D. Davis has cemented itself as a step above the competition in the animal glue industry because we can provide our clients with things that no one else can.

Animal Glue Customers Receive Best Possible Service

First and foremost, we provide unmatched customer service to our animal glue clients and prospects. Our three outside Territory Sales Managers are constantly on the road helping clients and make over 3,000 personal visits per year. This is the cornerstone of the L.D. Davis advantage and is something we value above all else. Seriously- our salesmen don’t even know where they live anymore!

Our Territory Sales Managers are fully versed in the animal glue manufacturing process as well as troubleshooting and a variety of applications. They are your greatest resource for L.D. Davis animal glue. However, if there’s something they just cannot figure out, we have our own lab at our animal glue manufacturing plant in North Carolina with three full-time employees dedicated to technical service and adhesive research and development.

Raw Material Sourcing

We have amazing relationships with our raw material suppliers for our animal glue, many of which have been providing us with our raw animal glue materials for more than two decades. We constantly source raw materials so we can always produce the animal glue that our customers need.

Cash Money

L.D. Davis has an AAA credit rating (sorry U.S. government…this is awkward…) and is totally debt-free. This means we will always pay our suppliers on time, which means you will always be able to get your animal glue, and all other kinds, when you need it.

So maybe the Ali comparison was a stretch…but the point is, 33 years ago today something amazing happened in the world where everyone’s champion won himself the heavyweight world champion title for the third time in his career. We like to think of ourselves as the heavyweight champion in the adhesive world (I’ll stop this soon, I swear…) and pride ourselves on providing the best possible product and the best possible service to our customers. It’s been serving us well for over eight decades, so we must be doing something right!

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