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While there are many types of equipment used for rigid box manufacturing, Emmeci machines are the standard in the industry.

Emmeci Box MakerRigid boxes such as cigar, jewelry, candy and perfume boxes are made by laminating a variety of different substrates to solid chipboard material. The substrates can be paper, leather, foil, fabric, and more.

Protein glue is used for lamination, wrapped boards, liners, folded board, slipcases, and more. The Emmeci lamination machine works excellently with protein glue to laminate substrates to chip board to begin rigid box construction.

Protein Glue

Protein glues have been around since ancient times. Historically, it was known as animal glue. The term 'animal glue' originates from the source of the gelatin used to manufacture this adhesive, which is typically protein gelatin extracted from the hides and bones of pigs and cattle.

The first known written procedures of making animal glue were written about 2000 BC. Between 1500–1000 BC, it was used for wood furnishings and mural paintings, found even on the caskets of Egyptian Pharaohs. Today, protein glue is commonly used in bookbinding, woodworking, case making, and box-making applications. They are made up of just a few all-natural ingredients, which include:

  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Epsom Salt
  • Corn Sugar

Since these raw materials are naturally recyclable, protein glues are also completely biodegradable. They will begin breaking down only weeks after being recycled back into the natural environment.

On box making machines, like the Emmeci machines, the optimal running temperature of protein glue is between 140°F (60°C) and 150°F (66°C). L.D. Davis Industries is the largest of only a few protein glue manufacturers in the United States and we have been manufacturing protein adhesives for 90 years.

L.D. Davis formulates glues specifically for Emmeci machines. These products provide high tack and speed of bond,  flexibility of film, non-warp characteristics, good adhesion on difficult materials and machine clean-running.

About Emmeci S.p.A.

Emmeci S.p.A was founded in 1974 and is based in Italy. Their U.S. branch, located in Rhode Island, opened in 1998.

They manufacture equipment for production of rigid set up boxes (luxury boxes, luxury packaging, gift boxes, wine and spirit boxes, shirt and shoes boxes, make-up and toiletry boxes, biscuits and cakes boxes, ring binder boxes, CD/DVD and book boxes, cylindrical boxes), and  production of technical paper flat boards (game boards, display stands, puzzles, posters and calendars).

 Learn more about Emmeci →

Video: How To Properly Load Glue into the Emmeci Machine

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