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Building Life Long Bonds at LD Davis

LD Davis Industries prides itself on “building life long bonds.”  These bonds are built with raw material suppliers so we can make sure we can always supply our customers with the products they need, when they need them.  These bonds are built with customers and create two-way loyalty to maintain lasting business relationships.  These bonds are also built with L.D. Davis staff members; the animal glue manufacturing company values its staff and many employees have been working for LD Davis for 10, 15, or even 20 plus years.  We must be doing something right besides making quality animal glue!

Let's Talk Animal Glue

Some of the business office staff just returned from a company meeting at our glue manufacturing plant in Monroe, North Carolina.  The animal glue company comes together a few times per year to discuss issues, find solutions, and audit the overall health of the company.  While work takes up most of our time during these meetings at our animal glue manufacturing plant, we leave some time for team-building activities with the staff members.

Team Building

Some of our staff members are avid golfers, while others are not as gifted.  Regardless, we all worked as team to get through nine holes on the golf course, solidifying friendships and having fun.  Stacey Kreisler, our VP of Sales, has been pushing for manicures and pedicures in place of golf, but we had a great time nonetheless.


More than Just an Animal Glue Manufacturer

Every time we meet at our animal glue manufacturing plant, we discuss the success of current ventures and bring ideas for new ones.  LD Davis is a multi-faceted company that is always looking for new opportunities to serve the public and of course, our customers.  We are not just an animal glue manufacturer; we are problem solvers and pride ourselves in working to find an adhesive solution for any application. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and YouTube channel for photos and videos from our most recent trip to North Carolina.


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