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LD Davis Starch Adhesives

Starch adhesives, commonly known as vegetable glue, are one of the many types of eco-adhesives that we manufacture at LD Davis.  While we are known for our animal glue, or protein adhesive manufacturing, we also manufacture a variety of other adhesives such as water-based synthetic adhesives and starch (vegetable) adhesives.

Starch Adhesive Propertiesstarch_glue.jpg

A unique property of starch adhesives is that that can be applied at either hot or cold temperatures; there is not a specific application temperature necessary to use them as there is with animal glue or hot melt adhesives, for example. 

Starch glues are moisture-curing glues, which means they cure once they begin to dry and the moisture evaporates from the adhesive solution.  Starch (vegetable) glues generally come in the form of a tasteless, odorless powder that must be mixed with water before use.  This powder is not typically cold water soluble and also will not dissolve in alcohol. 

Starch glue powder is composed of natural polymers that come from roots and seeds of plants such as corn, potatoes, wheat, rice, or tapioca.

Common Uses of Starch/Vegetable Glue

Common uses of starch adhesives are for paper products, corrugated boxes, paper bags (like grocery bags), wallpaper paste, laminating, tube winding (like a paper-towel roll) labeling, and envelopes.  Starch glues are great for these uses because they are more viscous (thicker) than some other adhesives, possess quicker tack, have better fluid properties, and are a more economical choice for some companies than other types of adhesives. 

A close second to paper-making applications, starch adhesives are widely used in corrugated board applications.  Corrugated board applications favor vegetable glue because of its quick tack, strong bond, and economical cost.

Starch Adhesives are Eco-Friendly!

Starch glues are considered eco-adhesives and LD Davis manufactures many types of eco-friendly glues.   Starch (vegetable) adhesives, water-based adhesives, liquid glues, and animal glues, which are also known as protein adhesive or hide glues, are the eco-adhesives that LD Davis manufactures. 

We distribute other adhesives such as HB Fuller hot melt adhesives, PUR glues and fugitive glues.  

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