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LD Davis has been manufacturing hide glues since the 1920s. Our eco-friendly hide glue spans a wide range of technical gelatin.

Hide glue is also known as technical gelatin, protein glue, and animal glue.

It is sold in many different grams strengths allowing adhesive compounders the ability to adjust open time, tack level and viscosity for running on all types of equipment. The higher the gram strength, the stronger the glue. The stronger the glue, the less “open time” you have between when the glue is applied and sets in place between the substrates being adhered. We offer gram strengths from 150- 600 gram. This is roughly 85-210 in bloom value which is proportional to the gram strength.

Depending on your application, we will recommend a specific gram strength that can be customized by the open time, sometimes referred to as the drying time, the tack level meaning how much aggression you need in the adhesive to bond to the substrates and the viscosity or thickness of the glue when melted down.

LD Davis’s hide glue is 100% green. Meaning it is eco-friendly. Our hide glue is biodegradable, recyclable and repulpable. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of hide glue in the United States.

You can see our hide glue being used in the bookbinding, rigid box, set-up box and graphic arts industries, glass etching and instrument/ furniture manufacturing.

Video: Hide Glue Production in our Plant

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