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Before we get started here, what is palletizing glue?

Palletizing Glue

Palletizing glue can be a fugitive glue or pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). It is designed to bond boxes, cases or bags as they are loaded and packed on a pallet.This glue helps to stabilize the shipment and "lock" the boxes, cases or bags together.

Once the shipment arrives at its destination, the product can be easily unloaded, and the glue bond can be broken with little to no force.

Saving Money with Palletizing Glue

The real question here is how can buying more glue save you money? 

Nothing is worse than getting a call from your customer saying that their order was damaged before it even arrived to them.

Since this glue helps to stabilize your shipment, it could help to prevent your product from getting damaged in transit. Not only could this help to cut costs for replacing damaged materials, but it could help to save your reputation with your customer. 

By stabilizing your pallets with glue, you may also be able to cut down on (or even eliminate) the need for many of the other packaging materials you use to prepare each pallet for transit. 

  • Reduce labor costs by cutting down on time spent preparing pallets for shipment
  • Cut down or eliminate need for stretch/shrink wrap
  • Cut down or eliminate need for corner boards

You'll be saving money, and also minimizing the amount of waste your customers have to deal with when unpacking each order. Everyone wins!

LD Davis Palletizing Glue 

We carry two hot melt glues that work well for pallet stabilization.

For low tack bonds where you'd like to avoid tear fiber, our BT1110 is a great fit.  

BT1110 is designed for peelable and resealable applications. It has a very long open time and excellent heat stability. It's also suitable for credit card attachment. BT1110 is water white clear with excellent color and heat stability. It exhibits clean machining characteristics with minimal flagging.

For high tack bonds where you'd like to see a little fiber tear,or for palletizing coated bags, our BT1109 is a great fit. 

BT1109 is a PSA which features aggressive tack at low coat weights as well as excellent machining and flexibility. It is suitable for many applications requiring high tack at a low viscosity, one being pallet stabilization.

BT1110 and BT1109 are FDA approved for indirect food contact

We also carry a variety of fugitive water-based glues with varying tack levels if you'd prefer not to heat the glue for application. Feel free to reach us if you'd like to learn more. 

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