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Those of us at LD Davis are individuals of many talents! Sure, we can manufacture quality animal glue products, and make 3,000 on-site customer visits each year…but did you know we have a resident photographer on our staff?

Greg Brown, our Technical Service Manager, is also an accomplished photographer. He makes our clients’ lives much easier by sending them photos with explanations when we are working on their products in our lab, he send staff funny photos from the day’s work, and, most recently, he won second place in Chemistry and Engineering News Magazine’s “Beauty at the Lab Bench” photo contest. Click here for the photo!

Customizable Adhesives

Greg snapped the winning photo one day while mixing pigment into white, water-based liquid adhesive. All of our adhesives, animal glues and water-base liquid glues, are easily customizable for a number of variables, but the water-based liquid adhesives are also customizable for color. Red, blue, green, black, whatever colors your heart desires we can mix into our liquid glues for you.

Liquid, Water-Based Adhesives

LD Davis liquid water-based adhesives are used in a number of applications including laminating, packaging, case and carton seal, woodworking, paper bonding, and other assembly applications. They are sometimes called “cold adhesives” because unlike animal glues or hot melt adhesives, they can be applied at room temperature. Since they have no risk of burns and they are also completely non-toxic, our liquid water-based adhesives are always safe to handle!

To take the winning photo (on his blackberry!) Greg stopped the agitation process that was mixing pigment into the liquid glue for just a moment to capture this awesome photo. He won second place, and the first and third place photos were both taken with electron microscopes! We are very proud!

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