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Hot melt adhesive is in greater demand now more than ever.  A recent report published on the global hot melt adhesive market says that the market should reach $4.65 billion in the next five years.  Hot melts are in high demand because they are fairly easy to use, form strong bonds, and are useful in a wide variety of applications.

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Hot Melt Adhesive and LD Davis

At LD Davis, we do not manufacture hot melt adhesive; we only manufacture eco-adhesives such as animal glue, liquid glue, vegetable/starch adhesives, and water-based resin adhesives. 

We sell adhesives that we do not manufacture, such as hot melts and fugitive glue.  

The hot melts that LD Davis sells are commonly used in bookbinding mailers, paper to plastics, insulation, assembled products, and electronics industries.  


Report on Global Hot Melt Adhesive Market

According to the report listed under “Sources” at the bottom of this page, the growth of this market is most likely due to growth in developing nations that are now using and purchasing this adhesive at a higher rate and volume.  North America is the major market for hot melt adhesives, and the packaging industry is the biggest user of hot melt adhesive, according to the global market report.

Market Challenges

While market growth is a great thing for the economy, in recent years raw material prices have gone up in response to decreased availability of some of these materials.  The hot melt adhesive market will have to cope with higher prices during this period of growth.
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